Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rob Ryan's enchanting work... discovered at Pick Me Up

I had a fantastic time at Pick Me Up, the first ever contemporary graphic art fair at Somerset House. Thanks for alerting me to it, Danielle !

My favourite work by far was by the London-based paper cut-out artist / printmaker, Rob Ryan. The simple and straight forward subjects of Ryan's work are in marked contrast to the deceptively sophisticated manner in which they are made; painstakingly hand-cut with fine scalpels from the most delicate of papers. Ryan then sells them as papercut form or develops them as screen prints.

His works have an ornate and detailed physical structure, and a lacy and delicate emotional centre within the pieces. I also love the typography within many of his works - it has a real purity to it, which is utterly appropriate for his simple but heartfelt messages.

I have added his blog to my Site Love list

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