Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Some of my friends tell me that they've signed up to Facebook . It's a bit of silly fun, they say (although some take it all too seriously). So I've signed up too.

Facebook (for the uninitiated) is like a streamlined, refined take on MySpace . No fluorescent backgrounds and hideous customised cursors, just crisp whites and calming blues. You create a profile for yourself, locate other people you know, and add them as "friends". You can then swap messages, share photos, invite one another to events, and so on. There's also a status window you can easily update, so if your friend Zoe is feeling listless, she types "feeling listless" in and you see a little bulletin saying, "Zoe is feeling listless." For some reason, this is endlessly amusing. My friends were right: it is a bit of silly fun.

From a freelancers' point of view, being part of an online networking site has a business focus too. Now even the politicians are using it in the race to be Labour deputy leader.

What's your take on the phenomenon?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Need inspiration for business card design?

Check out this link for some innovative ideas