Wednesday, September 17, 2008


What makes some brands inspirational, while others struggle?

The answer is Lovemarks - a term to coin brands that inspire loyalty beyond reason.

"Take a brand away and people will find a replacement. Take a Lovemark away and people will protest its absence. You don’t just buy Lovemarks, you embrace them passionately."

My Lovemarks are: New York City, everything Apple, Scrabulous, Whole Earth Peanut Butter, Google, Hawaii Conditioner, Laurent-Perrier Pink Champagne and of course Cinnamon Creative!

What are your Lovemarks?


hanna chalmers said...

ah i'll have to ruminate on this one karen dear! xx

Benji said...

Moleskin & Apple I agree with but whose the chap hanging on to the number one position? I don't see Hitchcock or tea in there either. Poo!

Tom S said...

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, for better or for worse.


Apple, of course, is obligatory...

Anonymous said...

Not sure if these are beyond reason, but here goes.
Jaguar as long as it's black
Marmite (no need for them to have made that absurdly expensive Paddington Bear ad)
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania
Heinz (meanz Baby Food for me!)
Does my husband count?

Anonymous said...

Vice Magazine, Cherry flavour Chupa Chups, Maroush, Green & Black Milk Chocolate with Roasted Almonds, American Apparel v neck T's, Princesse Tam-Tam, Huit, Diptyque, Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara, Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka, Transport For London, Samsung, Ikea

Anonymous said...

I like this game!
rick owens, pierre hardy, pre 2006 christian louboutin, vintage alaia minidresses, wolford tights, sonia rykiel coats, vivienne westwood shirts, classical stott pilates, iced scandinavian berries and white chocolate sauce at le caprice, net-a-porter, the serpentine gallery, tamara de lempika paintings, greg crewsdon photographs, san tropez spray tans, occado, amazon, google, crackberry, long haul business class airtravel.
Guess who??????xx

Karen Cinnamon said...

Who are all these anonymous's?

I am guessing they are female otherwise there are some male readers of this blog who are way too in touch with their feminine sides.

I am guessing the last anonymous is Miss Needham. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

indeed it was me! sheryl.x

avshash said...

mmmm... 'Dean' Guitars, 'Slice' Pizza (Restaurant in Israel), 'Sony Ericsson', 'Tuborg' Lager, 'Gola' Fashion. woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Andre said -
PF Chang's, Marble Slab Creamery & of course Panera Bread - For those of you that dont know these - come to AMERICA!

Anonymous said...

Lee Ann said:

Definitely SCRABULOUS!!! My Mac, Blackberry, Skype, Anthropologie, and my PLC.

Benji said...

Right. I've worked mine out now.
Marmite; Apple (obviously); Penguin Books; Tunocks Caramel Wafers; LOMO; Cafe/Tea Direct; Waitrose; The World Wide Fund for Nature; RSPCA; BBC; The Guardian; RNLI; Battersea Dogs Trust & Greenpeace.
Oh, and The Idler.

Karen Cinnamon said...

Lee Ann, yours are very techie / communication-y.. which is good for me! What is PLC?

Nan said...

hey gorgeous! lovemark is a funny name, isn't it! i guess they are punning on trademark?
i'm a terrible consumer. no brand loyalties or loves. apart from Apple, may be. i have all the different ipods since launch. doesn't that count as lovemarkship?
and may be puma shoes and commes des garcons perfume.
Tom Ford is fabulous but i can't afford anything!
Does Colin Farrell count?

Benji said...

Does 'The Archers' count as a brand?

Yuen said...

Marlboro Mentols
Louis Vuitton, Gucci
Atariya - sushi place
Rimmel liquid eyeliner
Simple toner & moisturiser
My beloved Sharp phone

Marie said...

I am being very picky here and only going for the truly irreplacable:

- Black London taxis - they've taken our Routemasters, leave the taxis alone. A shout out to yellow NYC cabs as well.
- Aquasphere swimming goggles and swimming hats - trust me, they are the best
- Smarties, even though I don't eat them any more, but seriously, touch Smarties at your peril
- BBC Radio Three, Four and Six (TV can go, except Strictly)
- David Tennant - he is a brand, right?
- iPod - no explanation necessary
- Scrabulous, and Karen playing Scrabulous, which I have just decided is a niche brand.

I'll be back if I think of more...