Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wired magazine has a "scratch off" cover for its June issue that aims to test the will-power of its readers.

Wired, one of my favourite trends/ technology mags, is challenging its UK readers this month to resist scratching off the ink on the cover as part of a "trust experiment" it is running.

The cover ties in with a piece inside about the "trust economy", which analyses peer-to-peer lending (lending without the involvement of a traditional financial institution) and how it is financing new start-ups and challenging the domination of banks.

There are special "scratch off" varnish panels over cover lines which hide key words. One example is the cover line "World Cup winner revealed: XXXXXXX".

Underneath the varnish there is not a team name but the words "by data". It directs the reader to a feature on how data can help with World Cup predictions.

The editor of Wired, David Rowan, said: "Wired is of course all about new and innovative ideas as a means of engaging with our readers. We offer brain food, elegantly presented, and in a spirit of fun – in doing so, we hope to challenge, enthuse and inspire."

The issue is out this Thursday 6th May.

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