Friday, June 11, 2010

New Honda ad for CR-Z goes RGB

Here's the striking new ad for the launch of the Honda CR-Z car in Europe. It's shot in an arty, RGB style, giving it an unusual and distinctive look, particularly for the car sector. The RGB theme also links to strategy, with each colour supposedly relating to a different driving mode in the car - red being 'sport', blue 'normal' and green 'econ'. The RBG colours also appear in the dashboard lighting of the car, changing with each driving mode.

In short, it's a beautiful and striking piece of film which I'm sure will win a ton of awards, but to me, it's essentially an unintelligent ad that doesn't say another about the car itself. What is it like to drive? What are its redeeming features?

It starts to make more sense when you see some more bits of the overall campaign like the website, but still, I've come to expect more from Wieden and Kennedy's Honda ads.

I wonder what it views like through a pair of 3D specs?

Source: Creative Review

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