Monday, June 7, 2010

Google Doodles

One of the most identifiable logos in the world is Google's, yet it gets a makeover far more frequently than most corporate brands do - not to update a company’s image for a fickle audience, but to tickle the audience’s funnybone.

Visitors to the site on certain days may have found illustrations celebrating the 30th anniversary of Pacman (May 21 2010), UK election day (May 6, 2010), and Earth Day (May 2, 2010).

Google update their logos throughout the world on a continual basis but since Google has many different homepages in just as many languages, these Google Doodles are all customised to their specific native language and country, and the events that are happening in their culture.

The Google Doodles homepage shows each and every one of them in chronological order, and works out to be a nice piece of visual history

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