Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the summer of the vuvuzela...

World Cup watchers can't have escaped noticing (and hearing) the brightly-coloured South African air horns called ‘vuvuzelas’ in the crowd. Love them or hate them, vuvuzelas are generating as much media attention as the tournament itself.

And now Vuvuzela 2010 has just become the most downloaded free iPhone app across Europe and in South Africa.

The app description promises to “annoy everyone in sight, in the pub, wherever… whilst watching your favourite football team etc getting thrashed”. It’s free and has iPad support for double the irritation.

G-d help us... but the good news is we could soon be able to cut out the annoying sound of the vuvuzela when we watch World Cup matches on TV. The BBC is thinking about the possibility of offering ‘vuvuzela free’ coverage via its red button after a ton of complaints.

And vuvuzelas will be banned from Wimbledon too. A spokesperson for the All England Club said: 'We have a list of prohibited items, including rattles and klaxons, and vuvuzelas will fall into that category - so the message is not to bring them.'

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