Monday, September 6, 2010

The iWatch is real: It’s the new iPod Nano. Would you wear one?

Apple makes computers, tablets, phones, portable media players, TV set-top-boxes, displays and a dozen other things, but to date, it hasn’t made a wristwatch. Oh, wait, actually, it has! It’s called “the new iPod nano.”

Sure, battery life will be a problem when you leave that screen on the whole time, but you could just act like it’s an LED watch and it’s nighttime by hitting the button to see the time.

People have dreamed of fancy computer watches for a long time, and they’ve recently become a reality in a sufficiently usable form. LG started the latest upswing trend by introducing a watch phone concept at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show.

Apple may not have intended the nano to be used this way, but the above Flickr photo from Kei Ogikubo leads us to believe that maybe tablets aren’t the only geek fantasy that Apple is recently the first to get right

UPDATE: 10th September, your iWatch Dream can be a reality thanks to See

Source: Mashable

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