Wednesday, March 31, 2010

iPhone HD rumoured to launch June 22nd

On June 22nd, Apple will unveil their latest iPhone creation, the iPhone HD, according to two reports from the Wall Street Journal, and another by Engadget.

So what makes this version of the iPhone so different that it justifies the HD name? Well for one, the screen is said to be a much higher resolution, specifically set at 960 x 640, which is double the resolution of the 3GS. It’s a good thing too because Apple’s newest Android competition, the HTC Evo 4G, has a resolution set at 800 x 480. Those higher quality screens mean better looking games and just as importantly, the ability to see more data on the screen at one time.

The iPhone is drastically in need of a better camera and the iPhone HD is again, set to deliver in this department as well as that other long-awaited feature, an iSight webcam. The iSight camera was also rumoured to be in the iPad, although it didn't make the final cut (although rumours point to a space in the case ready and waiting). The iSight camera could accompany iChat software enabling video chat on the iPhone.

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it is confirmed according to this source the Iphone HD will be coming june 22..