Thursday, September 22, 2011

LDF 2011: design from all angles

LDF posters

This year's London Design Festival opened at the weekend, complete with an identity by Domenic Lippa and his team at Pentagram; their fifth iteration for the annual event...

The design is hooked around the phrase 'design from all angles'. Lippa and team created the identity by printing text on pieces of paper, folding them and then photographing them from different angles. "The differing angles enable the 2011 festival to have a flexible identity across the whole gamut of events whilst maintaining a consistent look and feel," say Pentagram. "Once more the identity leverages its ownership of red in order to create maximum impact."

More details of what's on when at

LDF guides
LDF invites
LDF badges
LDF map

Source: Mark Sinclair at Creative Review

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