Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Diesel makes Facebook look like Excel with its slacker app

It’s another cool social media campaign from Diesel and while it won’t appeal to everyone it is definitely worth a look.

Diesel of lovely jeans fame has created this downloadable application for Macs and PCs that makes Facebook look like an Excel Spreadsheet. It is part of Diesel’s “stupid” campaign and its your chance to be “stupid” at work.

So you can like stuff and chat right under the nose of your boss and they will never know. It is a great little idea. They are calling it Excelbook. If Facebook is banned where you work then this really won’t help, but if not, you can download the application right here .

I love how innovative Diesel is when it comes to digital media and it is really going for this whole stupid thing. In March Diesel invited people to join the “stupid society” on fantasy island.

Not all its stupid campaign has worked. Last year its ‘Stupid’ ads were banned by ASA. Last year we also saw Diesel bring Facebook to life in its stores with Diesel Cam.

Source: The Wall

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