Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The more you like on Facebook, the less you pay with Skoda

Skoda Belgium has certainly been doing some clever things with Facebook recently. On a microsite and a Facebook page, for each Facebook ‘Like’ received, the price of the car drops. This group buying power is an interesting way to drive fan growth and gives the fan instant gratification.

It also goes some way to answer the external problem of how much a Facebook Like button is worth. Two Euros, according to Skoda. Of course, the catch is that only one fan will get the car at the ‘Facebook Price’ but it’s a compelling and shareable idea – upon liking you are encouraged to invite more friends in the interest of driving the price down.

This is a strong and simple idea that makes great use of Facebook functionality. While previously, brands such as Burger King and iTunes have offered coupons and tickets in exchange for tweets, it’s interesting that Skoda is one of the first major brands to step up and attribute an actual monetary value to a Facebook Like.

Source: The Wall

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