Friday, July 30, 2010

Superlative Apple Store opening in Covent Garden on August 7th

The new Apple store opens on 7 August in Covent Garden, on the site formerly occupied by the Rock Garden nightspot.

According to a blog devoted to the subject of Apple retail outlets, it will be the largest store Apple has opened, occupying three floors, and the most expensive in terms of refurbishment. Apple will also have offices above the store.

Apple is as good at creating hype around the launch of its stores as it is around the launch of its phones – when the first London branch opened on Regent Street in 2004, people began queuing outside days before, in spite of it being November.

One report says that more than a thousand people were in the queue prior to the doors opening at 10am.

The company has a strategy of selling 'Lucky Bags' to the people coming through the doors. These have limited edition goods and souvenir T-shirts, adding up to greater value than the selling price, as well as being sought after by Apple fans.

Apple stores are so busy that the company advises people to come in early in the morning or late in the day, or to make a personal shopping appointment, to avoid the crowds.

The Covent Garden shop is the fourth Apple store in London.

Source: Marketing Magazine

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