Friday, November 27, 2009

Logo swirl sparks 'sperm' jibes

A new logo for a north Devon resort which some residents have likened to a sperm has been defended by a "laid back" council.

The "idiosyncratic" swirl incorporated in the £5,000 logo for Ilfracombe has been criticised on the town's website, but Fresh Bread Marketing, the creators of the identity, said the swirl on the logo was meant to resemble a fish or dolphin. The swirl represents the dot on the "i" of Ilfracombe on the logo "Ilfracombe - curious coastal charm".

Ellen Vernon, economic regeneration officer at North Devon Council, which helped to develop the branding project with £5,000 funding, said: "To many, the 'swirl' represents Fore Street, the Harbour, a fish, an ice-cream and even waves. To others it may look like a sperm, which makes it vibrant and life-affirming."

Is it just coincidence that The Mirror reports that this town has a dire teen pregnancy record?!

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