Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stamp of approval for British design classics

A set of first class stamps were issued today to commemorate ten icons of British design. The Royal Mail’s new series offers up a noticeably nostalgic look at some British Design Classics, largely from the 1930s and 1960s.

RJ Mitchell’s Spitfire, George Carwardine’s angelpoise lamp, Harry Beck’s map of the London Underground network and Edward Young’s designs for Penguin all originate from the 1930s.

The series of ten also includes Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s 1962 telephone box and Robin Day’s polypropylene chair for Hille Seating from 1963.

Classic designs like the Routemaster bus (manufactured between 1954 and 1968) and Concorde (1969-2003) have been retired relatively recently, but the 1965 mini skirt is still a classic of contemporary fashion, and the Mini (originally launched in 1959) has moved with the times and is actually the most popular British designed and built car ever. Not only that but its stylish design made it a hit with the trend setters of the swinging sixties with everyone from John Lennon and Marianne Faithfull to Peter Sellers and Steve McQueen owning one.


Marie said...

Love these stamps!

Karen Cinnamon said...

I know. Aren't they just divine?!

Benji said...

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott also designed Bankside Power Station now, the Tate Modern.