Friday, December 12, 2008

The worst an ad can get: Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Thierry Henry win award for most cringeworthy commercial

It should have been a slick promo featuring three of the world's sporting giants, but the Gilette campaign featuring three of the world's highest paid sports stars has been named the worst TV advert of the year by industry magazine Campaign.

Tennis champion Roger Federer, golfer Tiger Woods and footballer Thierry Henry all appeared in the Gillette campaign which showed them using their respective skills to persuade their male target audience to pick up the brand's razor.

With their Hollywood grins, and slick suits, the trio are seen wielding their balls - tennis, golf, and football - to urge men to use the brand's newer Fusion Power razor.

But their on-screen efforts did not match up to their sporting prowess and the ad was voted top turkey of 2008.

Campaign editor Claire Beale said: "The Gillette ad is an own goal, a double fault and a bunker shot rolled into one.

"To secure three of the world's most famous sports stars would have cost Gillette millions but is such a wasted opportunity as the creative lacks any charm or wit."

To make matters even worse, they couldn't even get all three sporting heroes to appear together. Watch closely and you'll notice that they never appear together in the same shot, aside from some cheap compositing effects.

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