Thursday, February 5, 2009

New website is the 'Google for Films'

For the first time the release dates for every film and DVD available in the UK, and where to watch or obtain them lawfully, has been put on a single website.

Seeing itself as the “Google for films”, the site from the UK Film Council lets visitors find out when, where and how a film is available, legally and on across all formats. will be updated daily, but already offers more than 30,000 unique film records – the equivalent to seven years’ worth of film – for its users to search. Like most movie searches, the site lets users enter the genre of a film but it can also run keyword searches by mood, location or film preferences, like ‘fairytale ending.’

The thinking behind the site, beyond giving film addicts their fix, is to combat the piracy that costs British TV and film-makers a reported £485m a year in lost revenue.

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