Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Surrealist Cinema

My friend Sanjay has designed a T-shirt ('Surrealist Cinema') on sale at the Spunky Store in Bristol and online at www.spunky.co.uk.

The design is also featured on a sweatshirt and 'hoody' on the website and publicised in the upcoming FHM Christmas 2007 issue.

Inspired by Donnie Darko, The Simpsons and the work of Frida Kahlo, Surrealist Cinema is a parody on the Gracie Films logo often seen in the credits to The Simpsons.

Buy here for Men

Buy here for Women

Mini-profile here

Please buy and feed his children ;-)


Anonymous said...

oh yes! and may i remind you, he got three kids on the way ;-) i think we've decided on two girls and a boy, non?

Unknown said...

What?! What kids? I'm lost, Verena..!

But.. if I'm forced, two girls and a boy sounds good. I want names... ;-)

Anonymous said...

geez, sanjay! dont you remember when karen, debbie and i decided to have your babies for the benefits you get at M&S? karen and i wanted a girl and debbie a boy (cos she needs a visa too!)